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Link Wasteland

To scam or hurt people, all kinds of malware is created every second. This is a collection of all scam or untrustworthy links i personally came across. Please don't open these links unless you know what you are doing. I take no responsibility on things that might happen to your device in the case of clicking on one of these links. This page is created just for archive purposes. All dates on this page are configured as DD.MM.YYYY

"If you are dumb enough to click on suspicious links, are you really meant to be online?"
-Raildriver, Lambdaposting Discord, 25.12.2022


A scammer reached out to me thru Steam, telling me i won an award in PUBG. 11.11.2022


A hacked account called Groselha spammed this link on Lambdaposting Discord with the message "Dude fly in, there are beauties here:". 25.12.2022