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☾✰ DEfusination ☾✰

Who am I?

I am the guy that goes by the nickname DEfusion Sacbread, you might also know me as DEfusion69. I am a Turkish modder who mostly works on Valve's GoldSource and Source engines. I created/tried to create a bunch of maps and mods for these game engines. I am an active member of LambdaPosting, and I am one of the creators of the Half-Life group CourtYard Republic. I am also deeply interested in automobiles, automotive industry and transportation; digital music and Vocaloid(my favs are the kagamines). I ain't no celebrity, but i sure like writing and listing stuff about myself.

I like:

-My princess hair
-Girly stuff
-Automotive industry and it's history

-Trucks and buses
-Boy stuff
-Kagamine Twins

Fiat 126p Waifu

Turkish Waifu